How Kim Kardashian’s Hairstylist Achieves Super Straight Hair

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“I love it when the hair looks expensive.”

Kim Kardashian‘s life is certainly filled with expensive things, so it makes sense that her hairstylist is known for giving hair (luxurious) life. Chris Appleton, the British hair guru, has a client roster that includes Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry. The takeaway: he knows how to achieve red carpet-level hair with ease.

While all of these celebrities have their own signature hairstyle, Kim’s signature sleek look is one of the most sought-after. With it’s simplicity (straight hair and a center part), even the beauty pro admits, “It’s not rocket science.” Yet, how to get the glossy finish remains the most asked question on his Instagram.  

“It’s all in the details,” he told E! News during his demonstration on Freestyle.

It’s true. The small steps that artist takes actually makes all the difference. To start, “The key is making sure you condition and treat the hair. That’s how you get that really shiny look,” he said. The pro suggests deep conditioning the hair before blow drying it, so it’s hydrated and strong. 

Next, “Using good products to keep the integrity, shine and strength of the hair. I think that what makes hair look expensive. We live in the world where hair is over-processed, over-colored, over-treated.” According to the pro, less is more when applying products and the quality of the product is very important. 

“There’s a fine line between shiny and greasy,” the stylist warned.

That sounds good, but when you’re standing in a beauty supply with hundreds of products, how do you know what will keep your strands light? His answer: The amount of silicon in the product. “When they put too much silicon or artificial ingredients, that’s when it starts to sit on the hair like gloop,” Chris explained.

Good news: You don’t need to stand in beauty aisle with a confused face. Check out the stylist’s must-haves and beauty hacks for super straight hair below! 

“What I’ve loved about hair is that it’s not just about making people look good. It’s about making them feel good. You can really change and elevate people by doing their hair,” Chris shared.

With these tips, you can elevate your own hair. Doesn’t that feel good?

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