Ethan Hawke interview: On the legacy of the Before trilogy and Jesse and Céline’s future – Kernels podcast

How do films make you feel? To what extent are they the result of what keeps people up at night? The Independent gets personal about cinema and TV with actors, directors, cinematographers and other people from the continually evolving world of “content” in a new fortnightly podcast hosted by Culture Editor Christopher Hooton.

An actor you’ll never see in a cape, Ethan Hawke is more interested in humanist roles. He chats to film reporter Jacob Stolworthy about how he judges his own movies by how much people want to talk to him about them, his special relationship with director Richard Linklater, how he earned his screenwriting credit in the Before trilogy and the future for protagonists Jesse and Céline.

Listen to it below, subscribe on iTunes and podcasts apps here and follow the podcast @kernels and host @ChristophHooton on Twitter. You can find early episodes with Matthew McConaughey, Sir Patrick Stewart and more here.

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